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Hello, I’m Jeff Fenton. Currently working a 3rd shift Factory Maintenance Electrician job. Best time to reach me, for now, is from 8 am to 2 pm weekdays and anytime on weekends. I started Fenton Stables and Apiary to fulfill a lifelong passion to work for myself. I’ve been around standardbred racehorses as far back as I can remember. My Dad trained and raced them. My wife and I have Haflinger’s and Gypsy crosses that we show Draft singles and team. I’m also a Beekeeper. I bought a Magna Wave PEMF Therapy machine after researching PEMF online. I’ve completed their Certification Program for Equine and Small animals. Look up PEMF and any condition or symptom and see for yourself, then give me a call for more info or an appointment. I don’t diagnose conditions, discuss that with your Vet. I can do a Whole Body Scan and suggest areas that need further treatment or investigation. I MAKE HOUSE AND FARM CALLS. Looking forward to hearing from you.


 We use the Magna Wave Semi!
It’s perfect for equine, humans and small animals with short treatment times!

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Magnawaving is great for anyone! Magna Wave PEMF is the wave of the future for health and wellness.

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